Court Granted Class Action Lawsuit against AT&T for Overtime Pay

In Tennessee and all across the United States, employees when they go to work expect to be treated with respect and given the proper pay for the hours that they work. Unfortunately, many companies find ways around paying their employees the overtime they are entitled to by misclassifying them or just failing to pay them for the time altogether. If you or someone you care about feels that you have been improperly paid for the overtime hours you have worked, then you should talk to a Tennessee employment overtime pay lawyer right away. They will hear your case and make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to by law.

According to this case, a district court granted class action status to a lawsuit against AT&T which was filed by BellSouth Telecommunication’s workers who allege that they are owed $1 billion in overtime pay. This decision is for the company’s “First Level” employees who work for AT&T across the country, including in Tennessee and is the third ruling approved for class action status against AT&T following other class action decisions against the company in 2009 and 2010 involving overtime pay.

All three lawsuits claim that AT&T and its subsidiaries violated the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act as well as other state laws by having a company-wide policy to misclassify thousands of the company’s level one managers as being exempt from overtime pay. The complaints in the lawsuits claim that AT&T fails to pay its level one employees for work over forty hours a week and eight hours a day. According to these lawsuits, AT&T also fails to give these employees mandatory meal times and rest breaks and fails to keep accurate records of the hours these employees work.

These lawsuits are seeking that AT&T and their subsidiaries stop their unlawful payment practices and pay all level one managers their unpaid wages and all damages allowed by state and federal wage and hour laws.

Cases similar to this one happen all too frequently to the employees all across the country and even right here to the employees in Tennessee. If you or someone you know feels that you have been improperly paid for the hours you work, then you should contact one of our knowledgeable and caring Tennessee employment overtime pay attorneys as soon as possible. We care about our clients and will work with you to see that you get the pay you deserve for your hard work.

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