Hospital Employees win in Overtime Lawsuit

Many people these days are struggling to make ends meet and are working all the hours they can to have enough money to provide for their loved ones. Unfortunately, in Tennessee and in many places all over the country, many companies and business do not pay their employees the overtime pay they deserve by law. They either find ways to avoid it such as making them clock out early or wait to clock in, or they just do not pay them overtime at all. If you work hard for the money you get, then you deserve your overtime pay. If you are not getting it, then you should talk to a Tennessee employment overtime lawyer right away. They will work with you and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for the hours you work.

In this case, employees at a hospital claim that two health systems denied them overtime pay because they used a fourteen day, eighty hour pay period which was found to be in violation of states Minimum Wage Act. The lawsuit also contends that the employees were entitled overtime pay any time they worked more than forty hours in a seven day period of time.

The seven hundred employees of the hospital will receive between $50 and $5,300 after winning a settlement regarding their overtime pay. About $400,000 of the $2.75 million settlement will be paid by one of the two health systems. This settlement shows that hospitals are not exempt from the requirement that overtime pay should be calculated based on a seven day work week. The actual amount each employee will receive will depend upon individual circumstances, but the average is around $489.

Cases just like this one happen too frequently all across the country and even here to the residents of Tennessee. If you or someone you know has worked more than forty hours in one week but has not received overtime pay, then we recommend that you contact one of our compassionate and experienced Tennessee employment overtime pay attorneys as soon as possible. We care about our clients and will hear your case and work with you to see that you get the compensation you are entitled to by law. Contact us online or call us at 800.705.2121 to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options.

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