Jury Awarded $1 million to Police Sergeant in Retaliation Case

Tennessee employees as well as employees all across the country work hard for their money and they deserve to work in a safe and friendly work environment. They also should be able to by law report problems with their workplace without fear of retaliation or being terminated if they do so. Unfortunately, Tennessee whistle blower claims are on the rise. According to a recent lawsuit, Sergeant James Abbate claims he was targeted for retaliation after he reported that his superior Captain Ruben De La Torre had avoided tolls for months during this commute to work. Abbate claimed that he was told by another officer that Captain De La Torre put duct tape on his rear license plate in order to avoid toll road cameras. In the lawsuit, Torre claimed that his grandchildren had placed it on the plate. Also, according to the lawsuit after Abbate voiced his concerns, he was switched from evening to day shifts making it hard for him to take care of his mother. Abbate also received two complaints claiming that he was neglecting his duties. Abbate was cleared of any wrong doing however; De La Torre changed the evidence for the complaints so that they would still stand. De La Torre resigned last year following an investigation.

The jury awarded Abbate $1 million for emotional damages as well as for future lost wages. Abbate had been with the police department for thirty years and stated that he did not expect this verdict to affect his performance and duties at the police department.

Unfortunately, cases just like this one occur all too often to employees all across the country and even right here to the employees of Tennessee. If you feel that you or someone you work with has been retaliated against or terminated after reporting a concern or problem, then we strongly suggest that you contact one of our experienced and compassionate Tennessee labor lawyers. We care about our clients and will work with you to see to it that you receive the compensation you are entitled to by law.

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