Publix Super Markets Inc. to pay $6.8 million to job applicants

This lawsuit which is being processed in a Tennessee federal court claims that the Lakeland-based Publix Super Markets violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by not making legally required disclosures about background checks to job applicants. Publix has denied that they did anything wrong and was not found to be liable in court but have agreed to a settlement because of the huge cost of litigation and the cost of disruptions to their business.

The main plaintiff in the case, Erin Knights, applied for a job at Publix in 2013 through an electronic kiosk at a store in Tennessee. The lawsuit states that Publix’s application process included an authorization for a background check but it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act rule that requires companies that are receiving a consumer report for employment to notify the potential employee a document containing only the disclosure. The lawsuit states that, “disclosure requirements are important because they enable consumers to control and correct the information that is being disseminated about them by third parties.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Publix included language in their job application that would lead to certain applications waiving specific legal rights concerning the background checks.

The settlement class totals 90,633 people who would receive roughly $48 each after lawyers’ expenses. The settlement includes people who applied for work at Publix and were subjected to background checks during the period March 12, 2012, to May 13, 2014. Publix has stated that it has made changes to its applications about the background checks. A Publix spokesman declined to discuss the case.

When we apply for jobs it is easy to believe that all the forms we are completing are legitimate. Also, it can be difficult to question the forms because we want to please our prospective employers. Who wants to be someone as a “troublemaker”? It seems that it is just this position of power the employers often abuse. Fortunately, we have some laws in place that level the playing field. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a great example of just such a law. A law that was put in place to protect all of our citizens against corporations that may abuse that information.

The credit reporting system in the United States has many problems. Credit Bureau employees have even reported that almost half of all credit reports have incorrect or false information on them. If you or someone you care about has not gotten hired due to a background check and you feel that your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act have been violated, you should contact a Tennessee employment lawyer with the Higgins Firm. We care

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